One Face But Many Samuel Mardens of New Hampshire

Photograph taken at S. Piper Photographer studio in Manchester NH. Undated. Written in pencil: "Samuel Marden"

Photograph taken at S. Piper Photographer studio in Manchester NH. Undated. Written in pencil: “Samuel Marden”

At first glance Samuel Marden would seem like an uncommon name. I thought the same. I purchased “a great CDV photo of an older man identified on back as Samuel Marden. It was taken at the S. Piper Studio in Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire and dates to the 1860’s.” The sales description goes on to detail a specific Samuel Marden born in 1804 and who died in 1871.

The image *could* be of him, but wait, there were two other men named Samuel Marden who were living in the area, and who would have had the opportunity to have their photograph taken in Manchester. I backtracked a bit, and studied the photograph.

The Samuel Marden photograph says S. Piper Photographer, “Corner Elm and Amherst” streets which is now 969 Elm or about in Manchester, New Hampshire. Stephen Piper is not shown at all in the 1860 city directory, but does show up in 1864 as a “photographist.” He continued as a photographer in Manchester until 1903 when he died. Around 1873 he seems to have moved his studio to 939 Elm Street which would be the closest to Elm & Amherst Streets. By 1880 he is at a different location.

—–Information on Stephen Piper, Photographer of Manchester NH——
Stephen Piper b Dec 1835 NH; m. abt 1870 to Ella –. She b. May 1850 0 children
[not in 1860 City Directory]
1864 Manchester City Directory: Stephen Piper, photographist, 2 Pattens block
In 1864 Patten’s Building–Elm Street, north of City Hall
1866 Manchester City Directory: Stephen Piper, Photographer
1873 Manchester City Directory: Photographers, PIPER STEPHEN, Weeks’ block 939 Elm
1880 US Census: Photographer
**1880 Manchester City Directory: photographist, 905 Elm, House DO
1890 Manchester Directory: Piper, Stephen photographer, 864 Elm, house 68 Webster
1900 US Census : Photographer
1900-1903 Manchester City Directory: PIPER, Stephen, photographer, 864 Elm, house 68 Webster
1904 Manchester City Directory: PIPER, Ella M., widow of Stephen, photographer, 864 Elm, h. 68 Webster // Stephen, died July 25, 1903

Old postcard, looking west New Boston NH.

Old postcard, looking west,  New Boston NH.

Revisiting the photograph, the man would appear to be at least 50 years old, and this points to one of the Samuel Mardens that I researched.  Samuel Marden, son of Solomon & Mary “Polly” (Martin) Marden, was born 18 Nov 1804 New Boston NH, and died 13 Dec 1871 in New Boston NH of tuberculosis, at the age of 67.   He was buried in the New Boston Cemetery.

The genealogy of the local (New Boston and Manchester NH) Marden’s is shown below, along with details of all the other Samuel Marden men. If you feel that this photograph is of one of the “other” Samuel Marden men, please let me know why, by leaving a comment here.

======MARDEN GENEALOGY=========

John Marden, b. abt 1642 England d after 1702 Rye NH; m. abt 1664-66 at Portsmouth NH to Rachel Berry daughter of William & Jane Berry. They lived at Great Island (New Castle NH) and at Sandy Beach (Rye NH). John Marden arrived in Portsmouth NH prob betwe 1658-1644 and died after 1702. His will was written 11 Aug 1698 and proved at the same time as the nuncupative will of his widow Rachel (Berry) Marden on 12 Feb 1706/7.
Children of John & Rachel (Berry) Marden:
1. daughter Marden who m. James Conner who served as a witness in 1691
2. James Marden, b. betwe 1667-1670 in New Castle NH. He m. Abigail Webster, daughter of Stephen Webster. She was b. May 1676 in either Newbury or Haverhill MA. Had issue: James, Stephen, Rachel, and John.
3. Thomas Marden, b abt 1677 at Sandy Beach (Rye) NH; taxed at New Castle in 1696, probably died before 1698. He m. Sarah O’Shaw, daughter of Daniel & Damaris (Seavey) O’Shaw. Thought to have 2 children: Thomas and Mary
4. John Marden
5. +William Marden, b abt 1676 New Castle or Rye NH
6. Elizabeth Marden, b abt 1673; m. abt 1701 Nathaniel Rand
7. Mary Marden

——Next Generation—–

William Marden, son of John & Rachel (Berry) Marden, b abt 1676 New Castle or Rye, NH, d. after 18 June 1751. He m. c1695 to Dorcas Woodbury. She b. abt — New Castle NH. He was named in his mother’s will.
Children of William & Dorcas (Woodbury) Marden:
1. William Marden
2. Samuel Marden, b. 15 June 1707 in New Castle NH, d. 1774 in Rye NH. He m. 1732 to Sarah Seavey.
3. +Jonathan Marden, b. 7 Sep 1709 New Castle NH; m. 1 June 1729 in Bradford NH to Hepzebah Hardy, daughter of Nathaniel & Prudence Hardy.
4. Mary Marden
5. +David Marden, b. 21 July 1720 in Newcastle NH.
6. Dorcas Marden
7. Sarah Marden
8. Benjamin Marden

——Next Generation—–

Jonathan Marden, son of William & Dorcas (Woodbury) Hardy, b. 7 Sep 1709 in New Castle NH and d. –. He m. 1 June 1729 in Bradford MA to Hepzebah Hardy, daughter of Nathaniel & Prudence (?) Hardy. She was b. abt 1705
Children of Jonathan & Hepzebah (Hardy) Marden:
1. Nathaniel Marden b. 11 March 1730 in Rye NH; d. 7 Dec 1735 Rye NH
2. Jonathan Marden, b. 9 Oct 1732 Rye NH; married
3. Timothy Marden, b. 28 Aug 1735 Rye NH; m. Elizabeth Tucker
4. +Joseph Marden, b. 22 March 1738 Rye NH; d. before 1810; m1) abt 1757 to Abigail –. He m2d) 3 June 1773 in Rye NH to Mary Rand.
5. Hepzebah Marden, b. 1 Nov 1742 Rye NH
6. Samuel Marden, b. 11 Sep 1750 Rye NH
7. Samuel Marden, b. 11 Sep 1750 Rye NH; m. 22 Oct 1769 in Rye NH to Margaret Seavey

David Marden, son of William & Dorcas (Woodbury) Marden, b. 21 July 1720 in Newcastle, Rockingham Co. NH and d. 28 July [or 1 Aug] 1777 in Bradford Essex. MA. He married 21 July 1740 to Mehitable Hardy, dau of Joseph and Mary Hardy. She b. 20 March 1718 in Bradford MA and d. 20 Sep 1759 in Bradford MA
Children of David & Mehitable (Hardy) Marden:
1. Nancy Marden 1741-1741
2. Joseph Marden 1743
3. +Lemuel Marden 1745-1819
4. David Marden, 1752-1821
5. William Marden, 1755-1838

——Next Generation—–

Joseph Marden, son of Jonathan & Hepzebah (Hardy) Marden, b. 22 March 1738 in Rye NH and d. before 1810. He m1) abt 1757 to Abigail –. She d. abut 1769. He m2d) 3 June 1773 in Rye NH to Mary Rand, widow of Samuel Hunt.
Children of Joseph & Abigail (?) Marden:
1. Abigail Marden, b. abt 1758 Rye NH: m. 14 Feb 1774 in Rye NH to Samuel Rand.
2. Sarah Marden, b. abt 1759 Rye NH; d. 1 May 1837 Strafford VT; m. Moses Sanborn
3. Mary Marden, b. abt 1761 Rye NH; m. Jan 1786 in Bradford MA to David Marden
4. Hannah Marden, b. 1764 Rye NH, d. 11 Nov 1803 Epsom NH; m. 2 March 1784 in Northwood NH to David M. How
Jane Marden, b. abt 1765 in Rye NH; m. 13 Dec 1781 in Deerfield NH to Samuel Davis
5. Hepsibah Marden, b. abt 1767 Rye NH; d. 31 Aug 1803; m. 11 Dec 1788 Epsom NH to Josiah Drake
6. Joseph Marden, b. abt 1769 Rye NH, prob died young
Children of Joseph & Mary (Rand) Marden:
7. +Joseph Marden, b. 3 April 1774 Rye NH
8. +Samuel Hunt Marden, b. 14 Jan 1777 in Rye NH
9. Jonathan Marden, b. 1780; m. 1808 Jane Hannah McCutcheon, dau of Phedris & Ann (Brown) McCutcheon
10. Daniel Marden, b. 1782; m. 1804 Concord NH to Abigail Knowles; resided Newburyport MA and Epsom NH
11. Timothy Marden, b. 1787; no more known.

Lemuel Marden, son of David & Mehitable (Hardy) Marden, b. 30 Aug 1745 in Bradford MA and d. 8 Jan 1819 in New Boston NH. He m. 4 Feb 1770 [New Boston History says 1769] in Bradford, Essex Co. MA to Hannah Greenough, dau of William and Hannah Greenough. She was b. 21 May 1750 in Bradford MA and d. 12 Oct 1843 in New Boston NH. He served as a private in Captain Gage’s Company, Colonel Frye’s Massachusetts Regiment during the American Revolution. After the war ended in 1789 he became a resident of New Boston NH, settling [on the Daniel Hardy place] near the center of town. He was a mason and farmer. The Genealogical and family history of the state of NH by Ezra S. Stearns states: “He was a large land owner and dealer in lumber and real estate. For a time he was in Boston, Massachusetts, assisting in building the state house.” He is buried in New Boston NH.
Children of Lemuel & Hannah (Greenough) Marden:
1. Hannah Marden b 29 Aug 1770, d. 1835
2. +Greenough Marden b 17 Oct 1772 in New Boston NH
3. +Solomon Marden, b. 24 March 1775 in Bradford MA
4. Nathan Marden b 25 May 1777, d. 1833
5. Francis Marden b 6 Nov 1779
6. Samuel Marden b 13 July 1782; d. 1841
7. Mehitable Goodwin Marden b 29 Dec 1785
8. Jonathan Marden b 3 July 1788, d. 1860; m. 31 Dec 1815 Sally Foster. She was b. 8 Feb 1763 at Ashby MA. Their children were: Elizabeth, John, Jonathan, Harriet Newell, Alfred, Charles, and George Waterman.
9. Sarah Marden b 4 Sep 1791, d. 1864
10. Luther Marden 1793 [not mentioned in some genealogies]

——Next Generation—–

Joseph Marden, son of Joseph & Mary (Rand) Marden, b. 3 Apr 1774 Rye NH, d. 1870 Rye NH; m. Sarah –. She b. 1774 NH, died aft 1850 Parishville, St. Lawrence, NY [in 1850 census of that town].
Children of Joseph & Sarah (?) Marden:
1. +Samuel Marden, b. Dec 1794 New Boston or Epsom NH
2. Jonathan Marden b. 1796 Epsom NH; m. Mary Boyden
3. Jane Marden, b. 28 Sep 1799 in Epsom NH, d. 22 June 1866 in Strafford VT; m. 1822 Strafford VT to Eliphalet Roberts
4. Mary Marden, b. 1806 Epsom NH; d. 17 Sep 1880 Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co. NY; m. 1823 Stafford VT to Marvin Tucker.
5. Mark Marden, b. 1808 NH
6. George W. Marden, b. 1810 Epsom NH; d. 30 March 1894 in Colton, St. Lawrence Co. NY
7. Lydia Marden, B. 1812 Epsom NH; m. Benjamin Robinson

Samuel Hunt Marden, son of Joseph & Mary (Rand) Marden, b. 14 Jan 1777 in Rye NH, d. 26 Aug 1845 in Epsom NH. He m1) before 1792 to Sarah Snow. He m2d) 13 Jan 1841 in Epsom NH to to Nancy “Ann” (McClary) Stevens, widow of John Stevens. She b. 11 Oct 1773 in Epsom NH, and d. in Epsom NH
Children of Samuel Hunt & Sarah (Snow) Marden:
1. Nathaniel Marden, b. abt 1792 in Epsom NH, d. 2 May 1876 in Epsom NH; possibly m. 18 March 1847 in Concord NH to Mary E. Ewer
2. Woodbury Marden, b. abt 1794; d. 22 January 1834 in Epsom NH; m. 21 Aug 1819 in New Hampton NH to Judith Bennett. Children: Olive, Nancy, *Samuel (b 1821 Epsom, d. 14 Nov 1901; m. 9 March 1840 to Deborah H. Silver in Concord NH.), Amos W., and Mary Jane.
3. Judith Marden, b. abt 1800
4. Samuel Marden, b. abt 1801
5. Betsey Marden, b. abt 1805 in Epsom NH

Greenough Marden, son of Lemuel & Hannah (Greenough) Marden, b 17 Oct 1772 in New Boston NH, d. 9 June 1865; m. 1802 Sybil Hardy (1780-1866), daughter of Benjamin Hardy of Hancock NH. They had 9 children.
Children of Greenough & Sybil (Hardy) Marden:
1. Lemuel Marden, m. Clarissa McCollom, lived New Boston NH
2. Levi Marden
3. John Langdon Marden
4. Lyman Marden
5. Cynthia Marden
6. Sibyl Marden
7. Abigail Marden
8. David Marden, b. 11 Nov 1820 in New Boston NH was a farmer there, and also in Trenton Dodge Co. Wisconsin, then Mont Vernon NH. In 1872 he returned to New Boston NH. He was selectman of the town for 6 years and a justice of the peace. He m. 1851 to Belinda M. Simonds, dau of Benjamin & Betsey Simonds.
9. William Greenough Marden

Solomon Marden, son of Lemuel & Hannah (Greenough) Marden, b 24 March 1775 in Bradford, MA d 6 Feb 1843 in New Boston NH; He m1) by 1801 in Francestown NH to Mary “Polly” Martin, daughter of Samuel & Mary (Dickey) Martin. She b. 4 March 1781 in Francestown NH and d 29 Juy 1816. He m2) Lyndeboro NH to 13 Oct 1816 to Nancy Lewis. She was b. 28 Apr 1783 in Lyndeboro NH and d. 1 Aug 1853 in Lowell MA.
Children of Solomon & Mary (Martin) Marden:
1. Mary “Polly” Marden 1801-1837
2. Solomon Marden, 1802-1852
3. +Samuel M. Marden, b. 1804, d. 1871
4. Annie Marden 1806-1887
5. James Marden, b. 1809-1876
6. Mehitable G. Marden, b. 1810
7. Daniel H. Marden, 1812-1815, studied medicine with Dr. Danforth, graduated at Hanover, and commenced practice at Goshen, NH, and later practiced in Peru VT.
8. William D. Marden, 1814-1816
Children of Solomon & Nancy (Lewis) Marden:
9. William L. Marden, 1817-1896
10. Daniel H. Marden 1819-1898
11. Francis Marden 1822-1893

——Next Generation—–

Samuel Marden, son of Joseph & Sarah (?) Marden, b. Dec 1794 New Boston/Epsom NH [or NY], d. 14 Dec 1861 in New Boston NH, age 67; married 1812 to Betsy Emerson, dau of Mark & Molly (Hutchings) Emerson. She was b. abt 1788 in Nottingham/Rye NH, and d. 23 Dec 1874 in Epsom NH. He m2d) 16 Feb 1854 in Sharon, Windsor VT to Amanda Rowell. Farmer. Shoemaker.
Children of Samuel & Betsy (Emerson) Marden:
1. Timothy L. Marden, b abt 1814 Epsom NH; m2d) 17 March 1880 in Campton, Grafton Co. NH to Margaret Morrison-Moses, daughter of David & Betsey (Lovejoy) Morrison. Shoemaker.
2. Sarah Ann Marden
3. Mark Marden, b. abt 1823 Chichester NH, d. 14 April 1899 Epsom NH; married. occupation: carpenter.
4. Mary Jane Marden, b. abt 1819, d. 12 Sep 1897 in Concord NH; married — Silver. Buried Old North Cemetery, Concord NH.
5. Joseph Marden, b abt 1821 Chichester NH, d. 24 Jan 1890 Epsom NH
6. Jonathan Marden, b. abt 1826 Chichester NH, d. 19 Sep 1898 in Epsom NH; m3rd) 6 May 1888 in Epsom NH to Sarah E. Fields-Pierce, daughter of Thomas G. & Pheby J. (Nikols) Fields. She was b. in St. Johns, New Brunswick. Shoemaker
7. Stephen J. Marden, b. abt 1828 Barrington NH; d. 29 March 1891 in Brooklyn NY; Event registered in Dover NH
8. George Washington Marden, b. 16 Feb 1832 in Chicester NH; d. 29 Jan 1904 in Epsom NH; married. Shoemaker

***Samuel Marden, son of Solomon & Mary “Polly” (Martin) Marden, was born 18 Nov 1804 New Boston NH, and died 13 Dec 1871 in New Boston NH of tuberculosis. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. He married 1 July 1828 at Lempster, Sullivan Co. NH to Phoebe Noyes, daughter of James & Lora (Bingham) Noyes. She was b. 3 Nov 1802 in Lempster NH and d. 14 June 1893. They had 9 children. He was an early blacksmith and farmer in New Boston. His widow, Phebe declined administration of his will in 1871.  [Noyes info from Descendants of Nicholas Noyes, p 341].
Saturday, 1 July 1854, Salem Observer (Salem MA) Vol XXXII Issue 26, Page 2
A most singular, sad and fatal event occurred at New Boston Village yesterday afternoon, 25th inst. Just as the people were coming home from church, which is located on a high steep hill, the forward axle-train of Mr. Samuel Marden’s wagon broke, at the top of the hill, throwing him and his daughter out hurting her badly. The horse started on a full run with the carriage thus twisted over and as he attempted to pass the horse and wagon of Jonathan Marden, hit his carriage and tipped it over, throwing him and his wife into the street, badly bruising her. That horse started on the run too, and both rushed with a terrible velocity down the hill; the first horse running against Mr. Stephen Wilson and throwing him head foremost against the wall, smashing his head all up, so that he lived but three hours. Mr. Wilson was a lame man, 39 years old, and on account of his lameness was a pauper. In a moment after, the same horse ran against a boy about six years old, son of Mr. Mark Todd, the forward wheel hitting him and throwing him with immense power, so that he was picked up senseless. The other horse ran against the carriage of John H. Gregg, throwing a lady with him out, bruising her much, but not seriously. Several other persons were hurt more or less, but the death of Wilson and the sad condition of the poor little boy, however, have given to the other injuries less prominence [Manchester (NH) Mirror, 26th]
1860 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > New Boston
Samuel Marden 55 NH
Phebe Marden F 57 NH
George Marden M 20 NH
Mary E. Marden F 19 NH
Laura A. Marden F 17 NH
Samuel A. Marden M 15 NH
Children of Samuel & Phoebe (Noyes) Marden:
1. Mary Marden, b. 20 April 1829 New Boston NH; d. 24 April 1829
2. Lydia Maria Marden, b. 31 July 1830 New Boston NH
3. Harriet Campbell Marden, b. 6 April 1832 New Boston NH; m. 11 March 1857 George Hall Jr. residing in Nashua NH.
4. Mahitable Jane Marden, b. 10 April 1834 New Boston NH; d. 11 March 1854
5. James Marden, b. 29 Feb 1836 New Boston NH; m. 19 May 1863 H. Jennie Park; resided Springfield MA.
6. Rev. Henry Marden, b. 9 Dec 1837 New Boston NH; graduated 1862 from Dartmouth College; d. 13 May 1890 in Athens, Greece
7. +George Marden, b. 26 Aug 1839 New Boston NH, d. 21 March 1903, age 63y 6m 23 days.
8. Mary Ellen Marden, b. 30 Sep 1841 New Boston NH
9. Lora A. Marden b 11 Aug 1843 in New Boston NH; m. 3 Oct 1894 in NH to Henry M. Woodward, son of Daniel & Cynthia S. (?) Woodward
10. +Samuel Lewis Martin, b. 23 June 1845 New Boston NH, d. 2 Feb 1919 in New Boston NH

——Next Generation—–

George Marden, son of Samuel & Phebe (Noyes) Marden, b. 26 Aug 1839 New Boston NH, d. 21 March 1903, age 63y 6m 23 days. Occupation Expressman. Previously lived in Lynn MA. He m. 10 Nov 1862 in New Boston NH to Sarah E. “Lizzie” Mansfield, dau of John W. & Eliza C. (Allyn) Mansfield; he served in the Union army during the Civil War, 16th Regiment, N.H.V. from November 1862 to August 1863
Children of George & Sarah E. (Mansfield) Marden:
1. Harry Walter Marden, b. abt 1865 New Boston NH, d. 22 Aug 1948 in Goffstown NH; m. 15 May 1888 in New Boston NH to Minnie D. Fox, daughter of George G. & Mary L. Fox.
2. Alice M. Marden, b. 1867 New Boston NH; m. 22 June 1893 New Boston NH to Clifford Lawrence, son of J.W.H. & Martha E. (?) Lawrence.
3. + Samuel Leonard Marden, b 7 Jan 1868 New Boston, Hillsborough Co. NH
4. George Wesley Marden, b. abt 1873 New Boston NH; d. 29 July 1955 in Milford NH; he m. 9 Nov 1898 in Francestown NH to Evelyn M. Smith, dau of Daniel G. & Marietta Smith.

***Samuel Lewis/Louis Marden, son of Samuel & Phebe (Noyes) Marden, b. 23 June 1845/1846 NH, d 2 Feb 1919 in New Boston NH; Farmer; had two severe falls before he died. He married 9 June 1870 in New Boston NH to Harriet Williams “Hattie” Batten, dau of Richard & Abigail (Yell) Batten. She b. 28 Feb 1842/43, and baptized 1 July 1843 in Salem, Essex Co. MA, and died 14 June 1924 in Goffstown NH. They are buried in New Boston NH. He was a milkman
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > New Boston
Samuel L. Marden Head M 54 NH June 1846; married c1873
Harriet W Marden Wife F 56 MA Feb 1844; married c1873
Louisa E. Marden, dau F 26 NH June 1874
Bertha S. Marden F 22 NH Sep 1878
1910 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > New Boston
Samuel Lewis Marden Head M 64 NH [b abt
Harriet W. Marden wife F 67 MA
Louisa E. Marden daughter F 36 NH
Bertha L. Marden dau F 31 NH
Thomas H. Todd hired man M 27 Canada
Children of Samuel L. & Harriet “Hattie” W. (Batten) Marden:
1. Mary G. Marden b 1872, d. 30 July 1873 in Nashua NH
2. Louise Evelyn “Loisa” “Louisa” Marden, b. 1 June 1873 Nashua NH, d. 7 Feb 1946 in Goffstown NH
3. Bertha L. Marden, b. 30 Dec 1878 New Boston NH

——Next Generation—–

***Samuel Leonard Marden, son of George & Sarah Elizabeth (Mansfield) Marden, b 7 Jan 1868 in New Boston, Hillsborough Co. NH, d. 6 May 1918 in Lynn MA; m. 1 Jan 1895 at New Boston NH to Hannah Malois “Annie Mae” Shed/Shedd, daughter of Charles Henry & Clara Frances (Poor) Shedd of New Boston NH. She b. 5 Dec 1872 and d. –. They were living several years on a farm in New Boston NH and then settled in Manchester NH where they were still living in 1920. Inspector of Materials for U.S. Govt. Buried New Boston NH.
[Daniel Shed genealogy: ancestry and descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1327-1920, page 430]
No children per Shedd genealogy.


History of New Boston, New Hampshire, comp. and written by Elliott C. Cogswell, 1864; pages 377-379

New Boston Historical Society


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      I have two post cards from Louise E. Marden to my grandmother but I have heard her speak of both she and Bertha many times. My uncle Fred E. Page, my grandfather’s brother, used to board with the Marden sisters in some of the old Manchester censuses. He had a cabin on Pleasant Pond in Francestown that he stayed in the summer.

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