New Hampshire Slanguage: Hoodsie

To New Hampshirites, and other New Englangers, a “hoodsie” is a cup of ice cream.  This year it is turning 65 years of age. [70 in 2018].

This word, “hoodsie” that originated around the end of World War II, is taken directly from a local producer of milk products, including ice cream–H.P. Hood & Sons.

H.P. Hood & Sons was founded in 1846 in Charlestown MA by Harvey Perley Hood. The company started off as a milk delivery business, and branched off into milk-related products later.  Harvey Hood had his farm in Derry New Hampshire.  There isn’t much left to it now, and if rumors are correct, it’s site is now a Chinese restaurant.

Almost one hundred years ago, H.P. Hood & Sons entered the ice cream business, building a “dairy bar” on Beacon Street in Boston.  After World War I, ice cream became popular, with “Hood” being a leading brand in our area. Their “Hoodsie Cup,” was, and still is, a

Postcard of HP Hood Farm in Derry NH

Vintage postcard showing scene at H.P. Hood Farm in Derry NH

delicious 3-oz cup of ice cream. In the spring of 1998 the 50th anniversary of the “Hoodsie” was officially celebrated.

In 2006, the company announced 18 new store flavors, including Martha’s Vineyard Black Raspberry, Cape Cod Fudge Shop, North End Spumoni, Vermont Maple Nut, Maine Blueberry, Boston Creme Pie, Boston Vanilla Bean, Mystic Lighthouse Mint (CT), Moosehead Lake Fudge, New England Lighthouse Coffee, Bear Creek Caramel, and Sweet Cream.  I didn’t see anything flavors that were New Hampshire related, and I heard that they held a “Real Taste of New Hampshire” contest.  Does anyone know who won?

In 1995 the Kaneb family purchased this company, which now owns 15% of the New England milk market. Gary R. Kaneb comes from the oil business, and was formerly president of Gulf Oil (from 1988-September 2005).  The family is also a limited partner in the Boston Red Sox.

Hood’s biggest competitors in the area are Friendly’s, Breyers, Edy’s and Turkey Hill, in addition to premium ice cream kings, Ben & Jerry and Haagen-Dazs.


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Richard Hood. (1625-1695 ) & Mary Newhall/Newell (1633- ) of England and Lynn MA
Nathaniel Hood. (1669-1748) & Joanna Dunnell (1685-1732)
Nathan Hood. (1710-1792 ) & Elizabeth Palmer (1710-1782)
Nathan Hood. (1740-1772)  & Mary Perkins (  )
Enos Hood. (1767-1845) & Gillin Lane (1773-1845)

Harvey Hood, son of Enos & Gillin (Lane) Hood, was b. 1 June 1798 in Chelsea VT, and d. 18 Sep 1879.  He married 23 Sep 1821 in Chelsea VT to  Rebecca Smith.  She b 6 Aug 1797 in VT, and d. 27 Oct 1882.  They resided in Chelsea VT and later in Derry NH with their son Harvey.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > Vermont > Orange > Chelsea
Harry Hood 52 M Farmer 1500 VT
Rebecca Hood 53 F VT
Elisa P. Hood 23 f VT, b abt 1827 VT
Mary A. Hood 16 F VT, b abt 1834 VT
Henry C. Hood 14 M VT, b abt 1836 VT
Edward P. Hood 12 M VT, b abt 1838 VT
Ellen M. Hood 10 F VT, b abt 1840 VT
Children of Harvey & Rebecca (Smith) Hood:
1. +Harvey Perley Hood, b. 6 Jan 1823 in Chelsea VT
2. Gilbert E. Hood, b. 21 Nov 1824 VT;  d. 1905; m. Frances E. Herrick
3. Elisa/Eliza P. Hood, b. 2 Aug 1827 in Chelsea VT; d. 1 July 1906 Reading MA
4. Lucinda R. Hood, b. 28 May 1830 VT, m. 20 Aug 1857 in Chelsea MA to Azro A. Smith.  He b. 6 Sep 1827 in Turnbridge VT
5. Mary A. Hood, b. 28 Aug 1833 VT
6. Ellen M. Hood, b. abt 1840 VT, d. 27 June 1886

Harvey Perley Hood, son of Harvey and Rebecca (Smith) Hood was b. 6 June 1823 in Chelsea VT, and d. 17 June 1900 in Derry NH. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire. Harvey Hood married 5 May 1850 in Charlestown MA to Miss Caroline Laura Corwin, daughter of John & Clarissa Corwin–a native of Tunbridge, Vt., but whose home had been in Boston several years prior to her marriage.  Two sons inherited their father’s business ability and carried on successfully the great industry which their father established,  and in which he took so active a part.
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Rockingham > Derry
Hood, Harvey P. 47 M W Farmer 13,000/8000 Vermont
Hood, Caroline L. 41 F W Keeping House Vermont
Hood, Laura C. 18 F W attending school Massachusetts
Hood, Clara R. 15 Attending School MA
Hood, Nellie F. 13 F W at home NH
Hood, Charles H., 10 M W at home NH
Hood, Edward J., 6 M W at home NH
Hood, Gilbert K., 4 M W at home NH
–living next door–
Hood, Harvey 73 M W Farmer 2000/500 Vermont
Hood, Rebecca 74 F W keeping house Vermont
Hood, Elisa P. 42 F W without occupation Vermont
Rourke, Patrick 27 M W Farm laborer 500 Ireland
Austin, Abbie 50 F W domestic NH
1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Rockingham > Derry > District 203
Hood, Harvey P. W M 56 Farmer VT VT VT
Hood, Caroline L. W F 51 wife keeps house VT VT VT
Hood, Laura C. W F 27 dau at home MA
Hood, Clara R W F 25 dau at home MA
Hood, Nellie F W F 23 dau at home NH
Hood, Charles H. W M 20 son at school NH
Hood, Edward J. W M 16 son clerk in grocery store NH
Hood, Gilbert H. W M 14 son at school pneumonia NH VT VT
Campbell Caroline W F 41 servant domestic servant Scot Scot Scot
Coors George W M 24 boarder works on milk car NH NH NH
Bedee Hollis W M 25 boarder works on farm NY NH NH
Butler, Loring, W M 20 boarder works on farm Mass — –
Wellwood, Samuel W M 26 boarder works on farm, Nova Scotia NS NS
–living next door–
Hood, Rebecca W F 82 at home VT VT VT
Hood, Eliza P. W F 49 du keeps house VT VT VT
Hood, Mary A. W F 43 dau at home VT VT VT
Children of Harvey P. & Caroline L. (Corwin) Hood:
1. Laura Caroline Hood, b 6 Sep 1851 MA; m. John Walter Johnston
2. Clara Rebecca Hood, b. 22 Oct 1854 MA; m. Greenleaf Kelly Bartlett
3. Nellie Frances Hood, b 23 Oct 1856 NH; m. Marcel Nelson Smith
4. +Charles Harvey Hood, b 26 Feb 1860 in Derry NH
5. Edward John Hood, b 19 Oct 1863 NH; m. Harriet Geddes
6. Gilbert H. Hood, b. 11 May 1866 NH; m. Helen M. Davis, dau of Jonathan S. & Emily (Peabody) Davis; they had 2 children: Emily Caroline (b 30 Nov 1897) and Gilbert Henry (b 12 Aug 1899

Charles Harvey Hood, son of Harvey P. & Caroline L. (Corwin) Hood, was b. 26 February 1860 in Derry NH. Charles graduated from New Hampshire College [University of New Hampshire] in 1880 [the sole graduate that year] and became president of H.P. Hood & Sons, Inc., dealing in dairy products. He married to 2 June 1886 to Katherine Wyman Eastman of Beverly MA, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Sabra Wyman (Jones) Eastman. She was born 23 June 1862 at Derry NH and d. 17 July 1935 at Beverly MA. She attended the Adams Female Seminary at Derry NH. He donated the Charles Harvey Wood House, a Georgian colonial building as the University Infirmary in 1932 to the University of New Hampshire. Mrs. Hood bequeathed to the village of East Derry her family homestead to be converted for use as a hospital that was known as the Alexander Eastman Hospital. Mrs. Hood lived in Derry until 1894, and then at Somerville MA for 18 years and finally to Cherry Hill Farm in Beverly MA.
Children of Charles H. & Katherine W. (Eastman) Hood:
1. Marion Allen Hood who m. Roland H. Boutwell, residing Winchester MA
2. Sabra Louise Hood, who m. Russell M. Sanders, residing Newton MA
3. Helen Katherine Hood, who m. Robert Dufendorf, residing Summit NJ

1. FamilySearch: various birth, marriage and death records [see links]

[Originally published 29 Sep 2006; updated September 2013, updated August 2018]

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  1. donald greenwood says:

    i have a milk can with registered producer #22 date 1905 i believe this producer was in
    franklin county vermont.
    i would like the family name of this number if its possible.
    thank you
    donald greenwood

  2. My uncle worked for Hoods from when he returned from the service in WWII until the late 1980s. He used to walk in parades around New England and passed out millions of Hoodsie cups to kids over the years. And yes, the Hood homestead on Broadway in Derry has been a Chinese Restaurant since we moved here in 1984 (maybe even before that). You can see a photo of the building at this link:

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