Smile For The Camera: Belles And Beaus

When I was a child, my days were filled with memorable weddings.

Our neighborhood “girls-only club” would dress up in mesh curtains, leftover bits of muslin, and flowered aprons.  We'd scavenge dried flowers from wall decor.  A dusty gentleman's hat, along with an over-sized jacket, was secreted away from the hall closet.  Costume jewelry was draped abundantly. Our dollies were in attendance.

The front porch and yard of my parent's home was the backdrop for these ceremonies. We would childishly negotiate who was to be the daily bride (the coveted role), the groom, and the “maidens” of honor. When we couldn't agree, we would all be brides. 


PS: This was submitted to the 2nd Edition of “Smile For the Camera–A Carnival of Images,” with the theme of “Belles & Beaus.”

Front Row, left to right: my sister Kathi (mock bride) and myself (mock groom)
Back Row, Lynn and Pauline Cote, neighbors (mock “maidens” of honor)

Left to Right: my sister Kathi, and myself.

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