Moovers and Shakers: Week of May 1, 2008

This week's “Moovers and Shakers” run the gamut from the strange to the historical. Enjoy!

Stranger Than Usual–Are you interested in some elements of sculptural crochet? Want to see some “specimens of uncertain anatomy.”  Then you need to visit biophemera where this month's “Carnival: Cabinet of Curiosities: Edition #6” is posted. The next edition will be posted back at Walking the Berkshires on May 19th.

Bombs Away!–The Omnipotent Poobah presents a superb article on his memories of a Berlin airport facing the wrecking ball in “Of History, Candy, and the Wrecking Ball.”

Click, Click, Click–Can intuition help you with your genealogy research? It did for Lee Drew at Famhist in “Town History Books.”

Giving Good Grades–Craig at geneablogie is busy with final exams (giving them, not taking them), and also being a guest blogger. I also snagged one of his great links found in his “The United States of Polypotamia and Pelisipia” article.

Blog-iversary–Terry of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi celebrates his one year anniversary, and shares come interesting statistics.

Chills and Thrills–Chery at Nordic Blue started a meme about your scariest T.V. moment.  Get scared and join in!

Almost Extinct–David at “Oakville Black Walnut” posts a link to a story about human beings being on the brink of extinction.

Seeing Double–Becky at kinexxions manages to find a “Double Portrait” and relates an  interesting story about it.

Copy or Not–Charlotte at Apple's Tree asks “Who Holds the Copyright?” This is an important question for anyone who incorporates other people's research into their own works.

Blarney Spoken Here–The 5th edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage is now posted at “A light that shines again.” This is a wonderful introduction to the Irish language.

Death Notice–Larry at Passing It On writes “Your life deserves more than six words,” about writing an obituary.  Since I've had to do this twice in the past two years for family members, it is an important consideration.

Chillblains in Georgia–The “Carnival of Georgia” is now posted at the blog, Georgia on My Mind.” Rumor has it the weather is nippy there right now!

Ship Ahoy–History is Elementary writes about “13 Things About the USS Constitution.” What did Oliver Wendell Holmes have to do with saving this ship?

Frozen Solid–Blaine at “The Genetic Genealogist,” relates the fascinating story of “Long-Ago Person Found,” about a 300 year old hunter found in the ice of British Columbia, Canada.

Who Done It–Bob at “Lord and Lady” tells a tale of his 3rd-great-grandfather Scutt, and wonders whether he died from a poisoned apple pie.

Spin the Bottle–Not exactly, but Jewelgirl at “Searching For Family Branches” presents the “Mystery of the Foubare Bottles.”

Unplugged and Unleashed–Terry Snyder of The News-Messenger in Freemont Ohio has a new blog called “Desktop Genealogist Unplugged.” her grandmother never let the facts stand in the way of a good family story, and Terry has followed in her footsteps!

Whats In Your Bag?–Midge Frazel at “Granite in My Blood,” shows off her gravestone hopping bag, and links to a group of others who do the same.

Thats all for this week!


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