New Hampshire: Palace Theatre Hosts Ghosts

There have been several reports that the famous “Ghost Hunters” recently visited Manchester New Hampshire's Palace Theatre, located on Hanover Street. 

According to the Manchester Union Leader, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the TAPS Team, spent all night there with a television crew.  It is expected that the results of their research will be televised sometime in June on Sci Fi's “Ghost Hunter” series.

Palace Theatre President Peter Ramsey greeted them at the site, gave them a tour, and offered first hand experience about its haunted past, including the tale of a woman who died in an adjoining apartment during a 1984 fire.

Reportedly the NH Paranormal Research Group had previously researched this location, and found evidence of a ghostly presence.


PS: My personal thanks to Jonathan Melle of Dangerous Crosswinds blog, for permission to use his photograph of the Palace Theatre marquis.

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