A Million More Reasons to Love Adam Sandler

The word is out that there are more than a million reasons for New Hampshirites to love their adopted son, Adam Richard Sandler.

He isn’t a native, but he grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, and certainly has made some money poking fun at people in his personal history (i.e. the “Lunch Lady” of Central High School).

John Clayton of The Union Leader broke the story that Adam has pledged $1 million, to the Manchester Boys & Girls Club.  In the midst of a capital campaign, Adam’s gift is part of a $6.6 million dollar fund that will be used to renovate their current Union Street building and add a new structure that will allow the non-profit to expand their services to more children.

As part of his gift, Adam participated in a fund-raising video where he asks others to “DIP into your pockets…do what you can do.”  Apparently an alumni of the Manchester Boys & Girls Club, he also states that he has a lot of “good memories about that place.”

Adam was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Stanley A. & Judy Sandler. He grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, attending the local schools. His family, friends and early surroundings were often included in his early on-stage and Saturday Night Live skits and song creations.


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Updated 16 June 2016

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