Landaff New Hampshire’s "LA Times" Newspaper Publisher: Harry Chandler (1864-1944)

Harry Chandler was born in 1864 in Landaff New Hampshire to a farming family.

Harry Chandler in 1934. Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive. Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.

Harry Chandler in 1934. Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive. Department of Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA.

While attending Dartmouth College, on a dare he dove into “an ice-covered vat of starch.” This caused a severe lung infection that lasted for several years.  About this time (in the early 1880s) he removed to California where he had several jobs working outside, such as a fruit picker in the San Fernando Valley.  From his jobs he managed to overcome his lung problems and save several thousand dollars, which permitted him to buy a newspaper circulation route.

Eventually he worked his way up to circulation manager at the Los Angeles Times, owned by General Harrison Gray Otis. Following the death of his first wife, Harry married the General’s daughter.  On General Otis’ death, Harry became the publisher of the Los Angeles Times. Eventually he became chairman of the board of Times-Mirror Company.  He began buying up properties in the area both personally and through land syndicates. Harry Chandler was a 33rd degree Mason, AASR and Shriner.

The Hollywood Sign, the most famous sign in the world, located on Mount Lee in Griffith Park overlooking Hollywood was built in 1923 to read “Hollywoodland” by a syndicate of notables including Harry Chandler of the Los Angeles Times, in order to promote the sale of homes in one of the most prestigious subdivisions by the same name.  In 1945, the name was shortened to Hollywood.



William Chandler and Annis his wife settled in Roxbury MA. They brought with them four children. Their youngest Sarah is the only one whose birth is recorded in this county. After her husband’s death, Annis, under the name “Ann” married 2 July 1643 John Dane of Barkhempstead and Bishop’s Stortfort, Herts, England and of Ipswich and Roxbury, N.E. In 1649 the court granted John Dane the house of William Chandler as apparently he had paid his debts and raised his children, the cost of which was greater than that of the property. After John Dane’s death, “Mrs. Annice Dane” married 3rd) in Roxbury MA 9 Aug 1660 to John Parmenter of Sudbury (his wife Bridget had died the 6th of April previously). Annis died 15 March 1683. Church records say “1683 m1 d17 died Old Mother Parmenter a blessed saint.” William Chandler was rated as a “houskeeper.” He took the freeman’s oath in 1640. His name is among those of the proprietors of Andover with that of his son Thomas and son-in-law George Abbot. He died 11 month 26th day 1641 of consumption and is buried in Roxbury MA.
Children of William & Annis Chandler:
1. Hannah Chandler, b. abt 1629; m1) 12 Dec 1646 at Eliot Church Roxbury MA to George Abbot; m2) 1690 Rev. Francis Dane of Andover MA
2. Thomas Chandler, b. 1630; m. Hannah Brewer
3. William Chandler, m1) 18 Aug 1658 Mary Danie of Ipswich; m2) 8 Oct 1679 Bridget Henchman, widow of James Richardson
4. +John Chandler, m. 16 Feb 1658 Elizabeth Douglas
5. Sarah Chandler, b. Roxbury; m1) 4 Nov 1659 William Cleaves; m2) — Wilson; m3rd) 11 Oct 1688 Ephraim Stephens; m4th) — Allen

Deacon John Chandler,  son of William & Annis Chandler, was b. — and d. 15 April 1703 [his tombstone, an inscribed flat stone is in the Woodstock burying ground near the entrance]. He married at Woodstock CT 16 Feb 1658 to Elizabeth Douglas, dau of William Douglas and his wife Anna Mattle. She died at New London CT, 7th: 23:1705 [Woodstock records]. On 27 Jan 1661 John Chandler was chosen to “digg the graves.” In August of 1669 “John Chandler Senr of Roxbury husbandman and Elizabeth his wife” sold a parcel of land in Roxbury on which the said John Chandler his mansion house standeth. On March 6, 1698-99 the inhabitants met “at the House of Dea. Chandler” to chose town officers.  In 1693-94 he was “first Selectman,” and again chosen 1693-94. In 1694 he was moderator of the town meeting. He was one of the deacons of the church in Woodstock CT. He was selected in 1691 one of a committee to build a meeting house. He removed from old Roxbury to New Roxbury in 1686. His will dated June 1702 mentions his wife Elizabeth, son-in-law Robert Mason, grandson Robert Mason, granddaughter Hannah Draper, son Joseph Chandler, children John, Mehitable and Sarah.
Children of Dea. John & Elizabeth (Douglas) Chandler:
1. John Chandler, b. 4 march 1659, and was buried 15 Dec 1660.
2. Elizabeth Chandler, b. 20 Feb 1661; m. 18 Nov 1680 Robert Mason of Roxbury
3. John Chandler, b. 16 Apr 1665 and baptized 1st Month Day 23 1665; he m1) 10 Nov 1692 Mary Raymond of New London CT; m2nd) 14 Nov 1711 Esther Britman, widow of Palsgrave Alcock.
4. Joseph Chandler, b. 3 Apr 1667; d. 8th month 1st day 1668 and was buried in the Eliot Yard on Eustis Street, Roxbury MA.
5. Hannah Chandler, b. 18 Sep 1669; m. 7 July 1685 Moses Draper of Roxbury.
6. Mehitable Chandler, b. 24 Aug 1673; m. 25 June 1695 John Coit of New London CT.
7. Sarah Chandler, b. 19 Nov 1676, d. 3 July 1711; m1) 9 June 1697 William Coit of New London CT; m2) 2 Sep 1708 John Gardiner of Gardiner’s Island.
8. +Joseph Chandler, b. 4 June 1683; m. Susannah Perrin

Captain Joseph Chandler, son of John & Elizabeth (Douglas) Chandler was b. 4 June 1683 and d. 5 Jan 1749-50 in his 67th year. He married [intentions 24 Apr 1708] June ye 22d 1708 at Pomfret CT [Woodstock records] to Susanna Perrin, the 10th child of John Perrin Jr. & his wife Mary. She was b. 20 Aug 1687 of Roxbury, and died 22 Jan 1755 in the 68th year of her age at Pomfret CT. She was buried by her husband, by the Wappaquians Brook in Pomfret CT. Many people from Rehoboth removed to Roxbury “to escape the nearer evils of King Philip’s War of 1675]. The inventory of widow Susanna Chandler’s estated was entered in the Probate office 30 Jan 1755 amounting to L1,335:14s. Joseph had inherited his father’s estate, 114 acres and was admitted to the church in Pomfret CT 20 April 1719. He was collector of taxes in 1726. His “Mark of creatures was a Swallow tail in ye ‘near Ear,” as recorded. He was selectman in 1716.
Children of Joseph & Susanna (Perrin) Chandler:
1. Joseph Chandler, b. 1 Apr 1709 in Pomfret CT; d. 19 Aug 1709
2. +Joseph Chandler, b. 16 June 1710 in Pomfret CT
3. David Chandler, b. 28 May 1712 in Pomfret CT; m. 3 June 1736 Mary Allen
4. Susanna Chandler, b. 10 Feb 1713 Pomfret CT; m. 26 Dec 173[5] Dea. William Sabin
5. Peter Chandler, b. 17 May 1716 in Pomfret CT; d. 14 Jan 1733, buried in “Wappaquians” yard, Pomfret
6. Dorothy Chandler, b. 12 Apr 1718 in Pomfret CT; m1) John Maon; m2) 16 Nov 1762 Jonathan Curtis
7. Hepsebah Chandler, b. 12 Aug 1720 in Pomfret CT: m. Bryant Brown
8. Stephen Chandler, b. 25 Aug 1722 in Pomfret CT; d 21 Jan 1752 “in ye 30th year of his age.” He took the oath of fidelity, April 1749 in Pomfret. Cooper
9. Josiah Chandler, b. 2 Oct 1724 in Pomfret CT; m1) in Ashford CT 5 Nov 1747 Freelove Carpenter; m2) 18 Nov 1762 Lydia Richardson; m3rd) 18 Sep 1779 Mary Blanchard.
10. Eunice Chandler, b. 17 Dec 1726 Pomfret CT; m. 8 Sep 1748 Josiah Burlingame
11. Daniel Chandler, b. 21 March 1729 in Pomfret CT; m. in Ashford CT 24 Dec 1754 to Violet Burnham.
12. Peter Chandler, b. 25 June 1733; m1) 29 Sep 1757 Mary Hodges; m2) 21 March 1798 Abigail Wales.

Joseph Chandler, son of Joseph & Susanna (Perrin) Chandler, was b. 16 June 1710 in Pomfret CT and d. 4 July 1780 at age 70 and was buried in the cemetery by Wappaquians Brook. He married 24 Dec 1734 to Elizabeth-4 Sumner of Pomfret CT, dau of George Sumner and granddaughter of George Sumner. She b. 30 June 1709 and d. 22 Jan 1797 in Pomfret CT. They lived in Pomfret on a part of the “114 acres on the Mashamaquett Line,” about one hundred rods south of his father’s house. He enlarged both his farm (to 100 acres) and his home. He was a saddler by profession. In 1754 he was chosen collection. 10 June 1758 he was voted in member of “The United society English Library for the Propagation of Christian and Useful Knowledge,” which library disbanded and was sold in 1795.
Children of Joseph & Elizabeth (Sumner) Chandler:
1. John Chandler, b. 4 Jan 1736; m. 20 Oct 1763 Mary Chandler of Thompson Parish
2. +Seth Chandler, b. 8 May 1738
3. Elizabeth Chandler, b. 29 May 1742; m. 21 Jan 1787 Elijah Dana of Pomfret CT (she was his second wife, and left no issue).
4. Joseph Chandler, b. 30 Aug 1745; m. 4 Feb 1777; Olive Backus of Woodstock CT
5. Abigail Chandler, b. 22 Nov 1747; m. 20 Sep 1770 Elijah William of Pomfret CT

Capt. Seth Chandler, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Sumner) Chandler, was b. 8 May 1738 and d. 3 March 1818 in Woodstock CT of apoplexy in his 80th year. He married at N. Woodstock CT on 5 June 1760 to Eunice Durkee, dau of Andrew & first wife Mary Durkee. She was b. 21 May 1741 and baptized 12 July 1741 in Woodstock CT and d. 11 Dec 1824. She was a large woman of 200 pounds with keen black eyes and was considered handsome, a good woman and universally loved. He was a man of large frame, light complexion, light eyes and a large chin. They settled on a farm in the north-east end of Muddy Brook. In 1770 he was collector of taxes, in 1774 a lister and surveyor of highways in N. Woodstock; in 1789 and 1791 he was a selectman and moderator of the town meetings. “New Haven, Conn., Sept ye 13, 1776, Lieut. Stephen Tucker received pay for his Company–the 6th co. 11th Reg.–Numbering 22 in all” of which company “Seth Chandler was 1st Sergeant.” [Army Rolls]. His will dated 22 Nov 1815 mentions his wife Eunice, and his children by name.
Children of Capt. Seth & Eunice (Durkee) Chandler:
1. +Ezra Chandler, b. 3 Apr 1761 in Woodstock CT
2. Andrew Chandler, b. 27 Oct 1762; m. 13 May 1784 Relief Haven of Woodstock CT
3. Mary Chandler, b. 18 July 1764; m. 27 Dec 1787 Ebenezer Bacon
4. Joseph Chandler, b. 30 June 1766; m. 24 Jan 1793 Polly Tucker of Woodstock CT.
5. Abigail Chandler, b. 1 May 1768; m. 4 March 1790 Ephraim May.
6. Perley Chandler, b. 2 Sep 1770; m. at Norwich VT Jan 1804 to Mehitable Hatch.
7. Elizabeth Chandler, b. 29 Aug 1772; m. 14 June 1792 to Freeman Walker
8. Lucy Chandler, b. 27 Sep 1774; m. 17 Feb 1802 to Josiah Dana
9. Cyril Chandler, b. 16 July 1776; m. 1800 at Hanover NH to Abigail Carpenter of Hanover NH
10. John Chandler, b. 9 June 1779; m. Deborah Eddy
11. Eunice Chandler, b. 4 May 1782; m1) 3 May 1804 Dr. Amasa Carroll; m2) 21 Oct 1824 Dr. Thomas Winslow of Chelsea

Ezra Chandler, son of Seth & Eunice (Durkee) Chandler was born on 3 Apr 1761 in Woodstock, Windham Co. CT and d. on 14 June 1842 at Landaff, Grafton Co NH. He married 28 Apr 1784 in Woodstock, Windham Co. CT to Fanny Allard, dau of Uriah & Prudence (Child) Allard. She b. 25 Dec 1762 in Woodstock, Windham Co. CT and d. on 13 July 1841 in Landaff NH, age 78 years and is buried in Landaff. They moved to Landaff early in its settlement and chose a location about one mile southeast of the meeting-house on the hill sloping to the north, where they made a farm. He was the first bricklayer in the town of Landaff.
Children of Ezra & Fanny (Allard) Chandler:
1. Seth Chandler, b. June 1783 in Landaff NH; m. 11 Jan 1810 Sally Brown of Landaff.
2. Prudence Chandler, b. 1785; m. Joseph Atwood of Landaff
3. Lucy Chandler, m. Moses Knight of Landaff.
4. Abigail Chandler, b. 6 Aug 1791; m. 1 Sep 1819 Josiah Burbank
5. Betsey Chandler, b. 26 Nov 1793; m. Ebenezer Eaton of Landaff
6. John Chandler, b 31 Aug 1793; m. 3 Apr 1822 Lucy Bronson of Landaff
7. Fanny Chandler, b. 15 July 1797; m. 25 Nov 1825 George Knapp
8. Mary Chandler, b. 14 Aug 1801; m. 14 March 1833, John Morrill of Landaff
9. +Joseph Chandler, b. 14 Sep 1802 in Landaff NH
10. Perley Chandler, b. Dec 1804; m. 1 Jan 1829 Abigail Aldrich of Franconia NH
11. Ezra Chandler, b. 9 Apr 1807; m. 15 Apr 1834 Sophia page

Joseph Chandler, son of Ezra & Fanny (Allard) Chandler was b. 14 Sep 1802 in Landaff, Grafton Co NH and d. 10 Dec 1891 in Roscoe, San Fernando, Los Angeles Co., CA. He married 25 November 1824 in Landaff NH to Roxanne/Rosanne H. Clark, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah (Merritt) Clark. She was b. 26 March 1803 in Landaff, Grafton Co New Hampshire, and d. 9 June 1870 in Landaff NH. They had a good farm two miles north-west of the center of town.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Lisbon
Joseph Chandler 48 M 1500 NH
Rosann Chandler 47 F NH
Moses K. Chandler 14 M NH
Adelaide Smith 6 F NH
Census > U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Landaff
Joseph L. Chandler 57 M Farmer 3500/2100 NH
Rosan Chandler 57 F House Wife NH
Moses Chandler 24 M Farm Laborer 300 NH
Jane Chandler 14 F NH
Child (only) of Joseph & Roxanne (Clark) Chandler:
1. +Moses K. Chandler, b. 8 Apr 1836 in NH

Moses Knight Chandler, son of Joseph & Rosanne H. (Clark) Chandler was born 8 April 1836 in Lisbon, Grafton Co., New Hampshire and died 26 March 1930. He married 27 August 1862 in Landaff NH to Emma Jane Little, daughter of Kimball & Elvira (Currier) Little of Lisbon NH. She b. 29 May 1844 and d. 8 April 1937.
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Landaff > District 80
Chandler, Mary W F 40 keeping House NH NH NH
Morse, Ellen P. W F 37 sister keeping house NH NH NH
Stanley John W. W M 19 servant farm labroer NH VT NH
Chandler, Joseph W M 77 uncle chronic rheumatism NH Conn Conn
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Lisbon > District 86
Chandler, Moses K. W M 44 works in Bottin Mill NH NH NH
Chandler, Emma W F 36 wife keeping house NH NH NH
Chandler, Harry W M 16 son works in bottin mill NH NH NH
Chandler, Fred W M 14 son NH NH NH
Chandler, Clara W F 5 dau NH NH NH [b. Apr 1875]
Ash, Ida, W F 26 servant NH NH NH
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > La Canada > District 97
Chandler, Moses K Head W M Apr 1836 64 married 39 yrs NH NH NH Fruit Grower
Chandler, Emma J. Wife W F May 1844 56 married 39 yrs 4 ch 4 living NH NH NH
Chandler, Joseph L. son W M Oct 1891 8 single Calif NH NH At school
Hay, — M. Boarder W F Jan 1873 27 single Chili Wisconsin NY school teaching
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Burbank > District 15
Chandler, Moses K. Head M W 74 m1x m 49 yrs NH NH NH
Chandler, Emma J. wife F W 66 m1x 49 yrs 4 ch 4 living NH NH NH
Chandler, J. Lee son M W 17 single California NH NH
Moore, Mark, Gerdsman M W 56 widow IL IL IL
Case, S. Lida Lodger F W 45 widow 3 ch 3 living KS IL Ohio
Case, Anna Lodger F W 12 single KS WISC KS
Children of Moses K. & Emma J. (Little) Chandler:
1. +Harry Chandler, b. 17 May 1864 in Landaff NH
2. Fred Chandler, b. 1 Oct 1865 in NH; died 10 Mar 1956 in Riverside CA; In 1900 living in Perris, Riverside Co California with wife Rachel (b March 1870 in England), children Ralph J. (b Feb 1891 CA), Alice R. (b Sept 1893 CA), Eva C. (b June 1896 CA), Marian E. (b June 1897 CA).
3. Clara Chandler, b. April 1875
4. J. Lee Chandler, b. abt 1893 in California [? same as Lee Chandler b. 15 Nov 1892 California, d. 10 Sep 1970 [or Aug] Carpinteria, Santa Barbara CA]

Harry Chandler, son of Moses K. & Emma J. (Little) Chandler was born 17 May 1864 in Landaff NH and died 23 Sep 1944 in California. He married 1st) 6 Feb 1889 to Magdalena “Maggie” Schlador, dau of Frederich H. & Franziska (Weidenfeld) Schlador.  She was born in 1863 in Comfort, Kendall County TX, and died 4 Aug 1892 in Los Angeles Co CA giving birth to her second child. She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Los Angeles. At that time they were living at 719 Rosas Street, and Harry was working in the circulation department of the Times. Harry married 2nd, 6 May 1894 to Emma Marian Otis, daughter of Harrison Gray & Eliza (Wetherby) Otis.  Emma was born 1 July 1866 in Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio and died 8 Sep 1952. In 1924 they were living at 2330 Hillhurst Avenue in Los Angeles California. In 1917 Harry took over as head of “The Times” after the death of his father-in-law Harrison Gray Otis. They are buried at various cemeteries in Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Gabriel California. As of November 2006 there are 170 living descendants [-SEE-] . In April of 2007, the Chandler family made a final exit from the newspaper business with their sale of Tribune Co.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles Ward 2 > District 13 [living on North Broadway]
Chandler, Harry Head W M May 1864 36 married 6 yrs NH NH NH Business Mgr, newspaper
Chandler, Marian wife W F July 1866 33 married 6 yrs 3 ch 3 living Ohio Ohio NH
Chandler, Franciska daughter W F Apr 1890 10 single California NH Texas
Chandler, Alice M. daughter W F July 1892 7 single California NH Texas at school
Chandler, Constance dau W F March 1896 4 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Ruth dau W F Oct 1897 2 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Norman son W M Sep 1899 8/12 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Clara E. sister W F Apr 1875 25 single NH NH NH
Laramey, Adelphine servant W F March 1885 15 single Michigan Canada, Michigan, nurse girl
1910 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles Assembly District 75 > District 83
Chandler, Harry Head M W 45 m2x 16 yrs NH NH NH Manager daily newspaper
Chandler Marian wife F W 42 m1x 16 yrs 6 ch 6 living Ohio Ohio Vermont
Chandler, Francis dau F W 20 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Mary dau F W 17 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Ruth dau F W 12 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Norman son M W 10 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Harrison son M W 7 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Helen dau F W 3 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Phillip son M W 3 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Ralph M nephew W 19 single California NH Eng-English [b. 29 Nov 1921 in Los Angeles California]
O’Dara, Mary servant F W 40 m1x 14 yrs Ire Ire Ire
U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles Assembly District 63 > District 154
Chandler, Harry Head M W 55 married NH NH NH Manager newspaper
Chandler, Marian Otis wife F W 53 married Ohio Ohio NH
Chandler, Constance dau F W 23 single Calif NH Ohio
Chandler, Ruth dau F W 22 single California NH Ohio
Chandler, Norman son M W 20 single Cali NH Ohio
Chandler, Harrison son M W 16 single Calif NH Ohio
Chandler, Helen dau F W 13 single Calif NH Ohio
Chandler, Philip son M W 12 single Calif NH Ohio
Otis, Carrie H. F W 65 widow Ohio NY Germany
Ballard, Lucy Servant F W 43 single NC US US
California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957 > 1924 > August > City of Los Angeles [from Honolulu HI to Los Angeles, California]
Chandler, Harry, age 60, b. May 17, 1864 Landoff NH
Chandler, Marian 58 b. July 1, 1866 Marietta Ohio
Chandler, Ralph J. 33 b. Feb 25, 1892 Los Angeles, California [res 1926 N.Hobart St. Los Angeles] [this is Harry’s nephew]
Chandler, Lenore 30 b. Oct 30 1894 Round Rock TX
Chandler, Ralph Jr. age 2 b. Nov 29, 1921 Los Angeles CA
Chandler, Constance age 28 b March 19, 1896 Los Angeles CA
Chandler, Helen age 17 b Feb 17, 1907 Los Angeles CA
Chandler, Harrison 21 b Feb 12, 1903 Los Angeles CA
Chandler, Philip age 17 b Feb 17, 1907 Los Angeles CA
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles (Districts 1-250) > District 18
Chandler, Harry Head 50,000 M W 66 married at age 30 NH NH NH publisher, newspaper
Chandler, Marian wife F W 64 married at age 28 Ohio Ohio NH
Chandler, Constance, dau F W 34 single Calif NH Ohio Reporter, newspaper
Chandler, Harrison son M W 26 single Calif NH Ohio Proofreader, newspaper
Chandler, Helen dau F  W23 single Calif NH Ohio
Chandler, Phillip son M W 23 single Calif NH Ohio, Propr newspaper
[plus 3 servants unrelated to family]
Children of Harry & Magdalena (Schlador) Chandler:
1. Franciska “Frances” Chandler, b. 7 Apr 1890, she d. 1 July 1933 in Los Angeles, California. She married 1 Jan 1917 to Dr. John L. Kirkpatrick. He was born 11 Oct 1874 in California. One son.
2. Alice May Chandler, b. 22 July 1892 in Los Angeles, California and died 26 May 1984 in Los Angeles California. She married 23 Oct 1915 to Roger Goodan. He was born 14 March 1890 in Lincoln Nebraska and died 13 Dec 1943 in Los Angeles California. They had four children, Ruth (Mrs. Lloyd Rooke), William, Douglas, and Jean (Mrs. Frank Dorn Barclay Jr.).
Children of Harry & Emma Marian (Otis) Chandler:
3. Constance Chandler, b. 19 March 1896 in Los Angeles, California
4. Ruth Chandler, b. Oct 1897 in Los Angeles, California and died in December 1987; she married 1) Frederick Warren Williamson, an attorney who died of a heart attack in 1942. She m2nd) Col. James Griffin “Jim” Boswell (he had married 1st) Alaine Buck b 1886 and d. 1938); Col Bowell was founder of J. G. Boswell Co., one of the largest agricultural firms in the United States. She married 3rd) Sir William Charles Crocker, a British baronet. She m4th at the age of 85 to ) Karl Godfrey von Platen.  By her 1st husband she had a son Warren “Spud” Williamson. In 1952 at the death of James Boswell, Ruth became the chairman of the board and major stock owner of the James G. Boswell Company.
5. Norman Chandler, b. 14 Sep 1899 in California; d. 20 Oct 1973 in Los Angeles California. He married 30 Aug 1922 in Los Angeles, California to Dorothy Buffum. She b 1901 in Lafayette IL and d. 6 July 1997 in Los Angeles California.  Children, Camilla and Otis. Norman became publisher of the “Times” upon the death of his father Harry.
6. Harrison Gray Chandler, b. 12 Feb 1903 in Los Angeles, California
7. Helen Chandler, twin, b. 17 Feb 1907 in Los Angeles, California; she married John Jewett Garland. He b. 20 Apr 1902 and d. 29 Dec 1968.
8. Phillip Chandler, twin, b. 17 Feb 1907 in Los Angeles, California, and died 22 May 1968 in California.

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