Funny Genealogy: My Fam Can-Can

It has been suggested that genealogists are lacking the humor gene.  Lets prove them wrong.

I challenge other viewers to visit JibJab, or the Newspaper Generator, or the “Fun Generator” of their choice (see my “Say Whoa” list in the right column for a few ideas), and create a hysterical masterpiece relating to genealogy, or specifically your own family.  Let me know once you’ve created it, and I’ll add a link to it here.

I’ll start off with the following…


Note: in some cases the “movies” are not viewable using MS Explorer.  In that case you should try the Firefox browser (why the heck are you using anything else?!?).

**Additional Links to Funny Genealogists**

Forgive Me Ancestors– (My thanks to Colleen & Izzie at “The Oracle of OMcHodoy for the idea)

footnoteMaven at “FootnoteMaven”:  FootnoteMaven Cuts a Rug– (With A Famous Writer)-

Terry Thornton at “Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi”:  Willie Puckerbrush Struck Dumb– (See 1880 Census, Column 17)

Lori Thornton at “Smoky Mountain Family Historian: Levi & Steve Do The Hula– (or Amish Gone Wild)

Becky Wiseman at “kinexxions”:  Simpsonized And Cubed– (or Becky Gets Rubik’d)

Randy Seaver at “Genea-Musings”:  Noted Genea-blogger Committed– (or “My Name is Randy Seaver, and I am a Geneaholic.”)

John Newmark at “Transylvanian Dutch”:  “You’re On Notice“- (or “Stephen Colbert Does Transylvanian Dutch“) and –Chub-Baggins of Pincup’s Family Tree“- (or “My Hairy-footed Grampa“) and “Talk Like A Pirate Day Homesick Blues”

Apple at “Apple’s Tree”:  Apple’s Dis(co)lation– (or “How to Become a Hip Transplant Candidate in One Easy Lesson“)

Jasia of “Creative Gene”:  –But Not Too Proud– (or “The Polka-Playing Frenzy“)

Chris Dunham of “The Genealogue” –The Genealogue– (Chris didn’t submit an article, but he is the premier genealogist with a sense of humor — since 2005).

P.S. The faces you see in my “movie” are my paternal grandparents, Clarence & Mattie (Kilborn) Webster, my maternal grandmother Addie (Ryan) Manning, and my paternal 2nd great-grandmother, Nancy (Thompson) Webster.  I’m not sure who the last guy is…. but I know he lives in New Hampshire, and I think he has something to do with making history documentaries and movies 😀 😀

P.P.S: Don’t groan, but I tried out the Bad Joke Generator.  I used the word “Genealogist” and then keywords Family Tree, past, dead, research.  It produced the following:

1. What’s a Genealogist’s Favorite Album?
The Joshua Family Tree.

2. What’s a Genealogist’s Favorite Film?
A Family Treetcar Named Desire.

3. What is Genealogist’s Favorite Arcade Machine?

4. What’s Genealogist’s Favorite Dessert?
Dead And Butter Pudding.


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