Puts the Cow Back In The Barn (For Now)

[[Final note: read my important third post about this topic, hopefully the last time I will have to comment on it, before you read this one]]

This is the latest episode in the recent drama of cache hijacking and's Internet Biographical Collection. announced this afternoon (August 29th) that they are (at least for now) removing the entire collection

Checking for myself, indeed they have done just that. (Later on the search box itself still existed without a name and it sometimes worked.  Even later on the database with all its links and search ability were indeed completely removed).

Kudos, with some caveats (comments here addressed TO or the Generations Network…)

Speaking as someone, who prior to this event, held you in the highest esteem…. when you make a final decision on what to do with the so-called “Internet Biographical Collection,” DO consider more than just what is technically legal and therefore what you can get away with without getting justly sued.

Consider the goodwill of your customers, and your affiliates, and the general genealogical community. They are what make you a success.  Without them you will fail in more ways than just losing money.

I had written and sent an email this morning to NEHGS, that New England organization that I have also been associated with for several years.  The context of the email said: “I can understand NEHGS's wish to ally themselves with a highly-respected genealogy research service in order to provide more active content.  However I might warn you that NEHGS's possible alliance with is a bit like the fox (Ancestry) going to bed with the chicken (NEHGS).  In the morning, there may only be a few feathers left on your side of the bed.”

I do urge you that in your future decisions and relationships, you will not create a horrifying realization in us that we have gone to bed with the fox.  As an optimistic, non-litigious person, I feel that you did a very good thing today by removing that database. But, as John from Cincinnati said, “I've got my eye on you!”

Janice Brown
Blog: Cow Hampshire

PS: I have also taken the precaution to add a robots.txt file to my blog so that from today, based on current information about's bots, their bot will not be able to cache or snag any current or future posts.  And as always, this entire article is my OPINION.

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