Genealogy Seminars I'd Like to See

The .30th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy's. topic is Genealogical Conferences & Seminars. I've never attended one of these, but I might if the subject matter presented was odd enough…errr was of great enough interest to me.

I'll fess up that my seminar interests would probably not appear in any of the traditional conferences (mostly because I have yet to find a “Bizarre Twist” category). If Chris Dunham, the “Master of Fractured Genealogy Top Ten Lists,” was willing to explain his creative methodology, I'd be the first in line to sign up.

Genealogy Seminars I'd Like To See include:
(*the stories marked with an asterisk are really about the topic I've posted).

– Digging Up Dirt Through Cemetery Research.
– Clowning Around–Locating Carnival Performers Under Your Family Tent.
– Gleaning Gems From The Family Privy.
– My Auntie Made Gumballs: Discovering Family Businesses.
– Evaluating Scars and Pock Marks in your Ancestor's Photographs.
Jailhouse Anecdotes: Was That Arsenic in Gramma's Tea? [or Peas in Miriam's case]
– The Chris Dunham Method: How Palm Prints Are Better than DNA
– Terry Thornton's Guide to Family Hills and Mounds.
– *footnoteMaven's Guide to Finding That Two Hundredth Victorian Woman in the White Dress.
– Steve's Guide to  Translating Illegible Handwriting.
– John Newmark's “I'm Dracula's Cousin, Are You?.
– Blaine Bettinger: “I'm Related To You, Like It Or Not.”
– *Bill West: “49 Things To Do With A Flutaphone.”
– *Randy Seaver: “Performing Genealogical Research While Wearing a Mask and Snorkel.”
– *Becky Wiseman: “Preserving Historic Outhouses.”
– *Lori Thornton: “Unfortunate Tombstones.”
– Jasia: “How to Gain Ancestors and Weight At the Same Time.”
– Miriam Midkiff: “192 Year Old Trash To Treasure.”
– Tim Agazio: “Power Trimming Your Family Bush.”
– Craig Manson: “FOIA Is Not For Sissies.”

What would your favorite seminar be entitled?


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