Lyndeborough NH 1879: The Balch Family's Untimely Deaths

Lyndeborough–On March 4. Mr. John J. Balch and wife, hearing of the dangerous illness of their son, John W. Balch, in Kennebunkport, Me., started to visit him arriving their [sic] just two hours before he breathed his last.

On the same day Nathan Mudget of Newport, Mrs. Balch's brother died.

Mr. Balch was soon stricken down with pneumonia, and Mrs. Dickey, the daughter with whom they lived in Lyndeborough, was sent for and arrived in Kennebunkport on the 10th, only six hours before her father died.  Her mother, Mrs. B., worn out with grief and fatigue, only arrived home to sicken of pneumonia, and died on the 16th.

Mr. Balch, aged 74 years, 6 months; Mrs. Balch, 68 years, 10 months, the son 50 years. This worthy couple had won the esteem of all, by their uniform kindness and generosity.

Source: Farmer's Cabinet, Amherst NH: 1 April 1879; Volume 77, Issue 39, page 2

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