I've Been Tagged Again: 8 Things About Me That May Scare You

I was tagged back in January of this year with the “5 things you didn't know about me”  meme, and now I've been tagged again by Joanie at Grain of Salt, to to come up with 8 more….

So here goes:

1. When I was in high school I dreamed about becoming an archaeologist. Although I didn't pursue that career, I never lost the love of “digging in the dirt.” And so I ended up instead researching in the depths of family closets, the pages of photograph albums, the dusty library shelves and the convoluted genealogy database.

2. My strangest job (among several in my late teens) was to set telephone appointments for an aluminum siding salesman. As a result I learned how to deal constructively with rejection.

3. I know a great deal about golf and golf tournaments. But I've never played even a minute of golf, nor held a golf club except to award it as a prize. (For 9 years I ran a charity golf event)

4. I have a strong aversion to Country & Western music. It might have something to do with the lyrics (“AOoohhh, my dog died this morning…. and I'm sooooo saaaad…. my wife and kids hate me, and I need a drink fassstttt……Aooohhh Aoohhh Aohhhh“).

5. When I was a child I would dress my cats in doll clothes and jewelry.  I even put huge clip earrings on them. Strangely they seemed to enjoy the attention, even when they were so laden down they could barely move.

6. I saw a UFO in the 1960s (I swear!) in southeast Manchester NH, during daylight hours.

7. If there is a “myth” in United States history that I'd like to be debunked, is that immigrants have generally been warmly welcomed. It simply didn't happen, even in New Hampshire. From the early whipping (and other punishments) of Quakers, to the riots against and between immigrant groups in the larger cities, Americans have a history of demonstrating fear, suspicion  and anger toward newcomers.

8. My favorite food is lobsta' followed by lobsta' and lobsta'.

I'm not going to tag anyone… But I leave an open invitation to any of my readers to TAG THEMSELVES, if they would like to participate in this meme.  Just let me know when you've posted your own article, because I'd like to add your link here.


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