New Hampshire Slanguage: Ascared

The word, “ascared,” (sometimes pronounced “ascairt”) is considered a “regional” word

which means to fear, or to be afraid.  Growing up in Manchester New Hampshire I heard this word used more than once, generally by the French-Canadian residents who were in my neighborhood.

The Yahoo dictionary indicates that this adjective is found chiefly in the Southern and Midland United States (maybe they were transplants from Manchester).  The use of this word is considered acceptable in some circles, and it is included in the official “Urban Dictionary.”  Jazz guitarist and performer, Thomas Tedesco, produced a CD in 1999 called “Don't Ever Be Afraid to BE Ascared.”


P.S. On a personal note, I'm ascared that I'll be bored after the last episode of HBO: The Sopranos.

The Urban Dictionary

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