New Hampshire: Mythical Tales, Daylight Savings and Snow

Ah, it’s autumn in New Hampshire.  The smell of wood smoke is in the air. Some of us are already wearing our “parkers,” as we scrape the frost (and sometimes snow) off our “cahh” windshields in the morning.  Now that election day is over, we can focus on getting ready for Thanksgiving, and doing our Christmas shopping.

In my virtual travels, I sometimes come across articles of specific interest (or they should be) to New Hampshire residents.

Perhaps our Yankee-minded farmers had the right idea in refusing to turn their clocks forward or backwood.  READ:  –THE FOLLY OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME
from blog:”Out of Kirby Mountain“. This superb article provides an EXTREMELY enlightening answer to the question whether Daylight Savings Time really saves anything.  Did it come about as a plot by a famous Boston store owner to increase sales?

For years we’ve heard and read the traditional New England Thanksgiving tales, which always strangely seem to focus on Massachusetts locations.  New Hampshire has its own reasons to be grateful.  READ:  –REAL NEW HAMPSHIRE THANKSGIVING TALES– from Read about Passaconaway, the Indian Sagamore who ruled over New Hampshire’s native peoples. Learn about New Hampshire’s founding (European) father, David Thomson, and why we should think about inventing a “mythical rock.” Discover how New Hampshire saved Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrims.

And finally, brrrrr.  Some of us have already experienced snow (Mount Washington was first, and had 39 inches of snow in October). But, perhaps we can have a bit of fun with it before it falls everywhere.  READ: -SNOW CONTEST- The Old Farmer’s Almanac is offering a snow prediction contest, with a deadline of November 14, 2006. Sent them your best guess for the date when you think their parking lot in Dublin, New Hampshire will have at least 2 inches of snow (that will stick for 24 hours). You can check their Webcam, to view if any snow has fallen [and you know how I LOVE Webcams] and also take a look at their almanac weather predictions.  Whether the almanac will help you win the contest, only time will tell. Be forewarned, to participate in the contest you will have to sign in, and give them your first born child (only kidding, but you will have to provide them with some personal demographic information).


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