Who Stole New Hampshire’s ‘Live Free or Die’ Hard?

General John Stark is rolling over in his grave….  at least I imagine he is.  The last time he did that was when vandals spray-painted (red) a certain part of the horse’s anatomy, on his statue in Stark Park. How could General Stark possibly have imagined that his famous quotation would be used 184 years later in the title of a “Die Hard” movie?

The movie “Live Free or Die Hard,” due to be released on June 29, 2007, will be facing off against two kid-teens cartoony movies, “Ratatouille” and “Transformers.”  Therefore 20th Century Fox is not expecting monumental competition for adult crowd interest.

Bruce Willis will once again play McClane, trying to prevent the shut down of computer systems across the county.  The scenes take place around Washington, D.C.  Let me guess, Bruce doesn’t need to be high-tech, all he needs to be is high-ly destructive, and packing the latest in anti-terrorist weaponry to rid the world of the bad guys.

You’d think if the movie-makers were going to steal our state motto, they could at least do some of the filming here.  As far as I can tell they will be filming in Washington D.C., and Vancouver, Canada.  A token appearance at John Stark’s grave in Manchester, New Hampshire would be great (but improbable).

And geezum crow, they already have this movie posted on Wikipedia.  I get a picture in my head of little Wiki-elves (who are great typists by the way) running around keeping that online encyclopedia updated.


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