New Hampshire: Census Whacking

Some folks call it “Census Whacking.

Genealogists are amused by the darndest things–in this case finding unusual names.  I’ll admit it, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings gave me the idea.  So on a day when it was too hot to play outside, I went census-whacking.   I peered through countless census documents,  and searched hundreds of records hoping to catch an odd name.  It is a bit like fishing with a barbless hook, hoping a live one will grab on if you hope hard enough.

To my delight I found some interesting names. All of the people below were either born, or they lived, in New Hampshire.

Phina Life, [Find A Life] 1900 U.S. Census born NH living in Des Moines, Polk Co Iowa

Smithy Quick, [A Fast Horse Shoer?] 1920 US Census, b 1888 Ireland, living Manchester NH

Surveyor Beam, [Tools of the Trade] 1880 Census, Francestown NH, b. abt 1840 Canada

Dare Brawn, [Go Ahead, I Dare You, I’m a Big Guy] 1910 census, Candia NH, b abt 1900 NH

May Heat, [So Keep In A Cool Place] 1900 census, Manchester, NH, b abt 1877

B Good, [Please Be Good] 1850 census, Keene, Cheshire Co NH, b. abt 1827 NH

Ima Demone, [I’m A Demon But Not A Witch] 1920 census Berlin Coos CO NH, b. abt 1880 NH

Ima Bean, [I’m Half Baked] 1920 census, Burke, Caledonia VT, b. 1892 NH

Isa Fogg, 1880 census Garland, Penobscot Maine b. abt 1818 NH
Isa Leson, 1880 census Allenstown, Merrimack Co NH, b. abt 1862 Canada
[This “Is A Leson” How Not To Name Your Children]
Isa Frisbee, 1880 census, Portsmouth NH b abt 1829 Maine

Do you know of any unusual names in your family?



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