New Hampshire born socialite Brooke Astor – Grandson Alleges She Is Victim of Elder Abuse

Addendum: An update of December 5, 2006. – According to the Daily News, “Brooke Astor’s son was cleared yesterday of
abusing her – but he was forced to return $11 million in cash, jewelry
and art to his 104-year-old mom…
An October settlement stripped him of the right to care for his mother,
whose well-being is now overseen by confidante Annette de la Renta,
while JP Morgan Chase minds her millions.”

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The New York Daily News has reported today that socialite, Brooke Astor,
the subject of a blog article here,  who turned 104 in April, reportedly is a victim of elder abuse, and now wears torn nightgowns and sleeps on a filthy couch.

If the court documents, submitted by her grandson, Philip Marshall, are true, then this is an extremely sad situation for a lovely, frail, lady.

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P.S. An update in October of 2006 –  Philanthropist Brooke Astor’s son has been permanently removed as guardian of her multimillion-dollar estate, according to a settlement announced in court yesterday.
The agreement allows the 104-year-old Astor’s court-appointed guardians, Annette de la Renta and JPMorgan Chase, to remain in place, instead of her son, Anthony Marshall.

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