New Hampshire Glossary: Oysters (Aw Shucks)

Oysters are not good in the month that has not an R in it…”

This saying was penned in 1599, and the advice is still good today.

Other ancient writings reveal:

“The oyster is unseasonable and unholesome in all moneths that haue not the letter R in their name.” (1600) “Oysters are a cruel meat.” (1611)

“They are ungodly, because they are eaten without grace; uncharitable, because they leave nought but shells; and unprofitable, because they must swim in wine (1738). They say oysters are a cruel meat, because we eat them alive.  Then they are an uncharitable meat, for we leave nothing to the poor; and they are an ungodly meat, because we never say grace.”

“The oyster is a gentle thing, and will not come until you sing.” (1869).

Oh, and let’s not forget a definition….

Oysters happen to be one of my favorite all time food… steamed with garlic, Oysters Rockefeller, you get the idea…  What is your favorite?  Or do you just detest the sight and taste?

Think of what oysters can do with a speck of dirt! Beat that!


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